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It is not a good discussion; it is you insulting me. It has not been proven that communism, fascism, and slavery have been ended. China is communist, our government is fascist, and the clothes you buy at WalMart were made by slaves in a sweatshop. Yes, we have a fascist government, they force their beliefs on others. Perfect example, Iraq, we're attempting to force democracy. Lastly, asshat is a very good description of the average American. They drive gas guzzling vehicles, don't recycle enough, use too much water, and have no idea what's going on in the world aside what they're fed by the government. They're pigs that eat so much meat it's sickening, literally. The high meat diet of Americans is the root cause of heart disease. I like the way our country was conceived, and I like our freedoms, but I don't like asshat fascists like you. Yes, you've been using force in the form of insults to make us believe what you do.

awww im fascist? awww come on she should be banned. That insult is way too offensive. And no i haven't been using force for anyone to believe what i do. I insulted you for the simple reason that i did not respect the way you insulted America, and you are an American, and i did not respect how you tried to insult me, so i insulted you in return. Simple, i wasn't forcing my opinions on you, i was revealing why you were wrong. And, who cares if we drive 'gas guzzling' vehicles, don't recycle enough, and use TOO much water...we aren't hippies. And, this wont affect our world for more than 8 which case, i'll be dead and i could care less about my relatives. If you think that that is wrong then you have some thinking to do. Also, there is nothing wrong with eating meat. You are just one of the many few who have been sucked in to PETA's YouTube videos and became a vegetarian off of it.

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Actually, they didn't have to fear being randomly killed when Saddam was in power.

Really? Few things to say about this one now. 1, after our military fighter jets dropped bombs on Baghdad, we had carrier aircrafts release thousands of pounds of food onto the citizens for the civilians that may have had their houses burned down. Also, if a woman in Iraq when out into public without any facial covering, she was killed. WTF!? that is random killing actually, and if an innocent person was asked to suicide bomb an area, and he refused (like any person who is sane) he and his family were killed. We took a country that had no democracy and ran a dictatorship from one man who didnt get his back rubbed at night and turned it upside down. 95% of the Iraqi population agrees and supports America's decisions. the 5% that dont, are Saddam's followers.

By the way, i dont shop at K-Mart, i get my clothes from Abercrombie and Quiksilver.
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