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Exclamation I hurt myself help me :'(

I hurt myself to stop crying and when i feel like i've done bad, like hurt someone that i care deeply about, it gets me so depressed. The worst i've ever done is whip myself for 1/2, but....i know this is stupid, but it was the closest thing near me.

i grabbed my bikini and just hit myself till my friedn came bak online cos i knew that i'd hurt her (NOTE i know her in real life).

the little plastic clip was wat was hitting me, and after half an hour my whole back was red and sore.

i jsut can;t seem to help myself, it just sems like the right thing to do at the time. I've scrathced myself too, but never cutting. but i-i jsut feeel like if it goes on then i will.

cos sometimes, i look longingly at my kitchen knives and just...dream of the release...-
but then i thinkn of my 5 (a special group of friends to me) and i jsut can;t do it, i know that i cudn;t leacve them behind...

but i dunno wat to do


my best friend, i ca;t get her to help me, i've tried but its too much for her...

so i need help...please
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