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Originally Posted by cosmos
hes trying to prove that mental illness is not what we are suposed to call "mentally retarded" people, even though mentally retarded people fit into every single definition for mentally ill
Whow whow whow!

I just read that statement, particularily the "even though mentally retarded people fit into every single definition for mentally ill".

That's completly incorrect. A mentally retarded person is born with a disability.

A mental illness is an illness that usually first starts in your teenage years. Some theories say they are genetic, others say they are rooted in traumatic events that happened in your childhood.

A mentally retarded person is born like that. They do not have a diagnosis of "Mentally Retarded Disorder" as there is no such thing. Check it up in the DSM-IV if you don't believe me, the manual psychatrists use to diagnose mental illnesses.

Cognitive, Emotional and Behavioural are subjective to the person. All of these things change from person to person, as they grow and mature. People who have disturbances in these areas, but didn't have them before, and they are severe disturbances, are then diagnosed as mentally ill by a trained psychatrist.

People who are born mentally retarded can live a meaning full life. If they have any disturbances during their life, they could be experiancing symptoms of a mental illness.

Here is an example. (excuse the childish names)

Rod is 16, his IQ is 65. He is mentally retarded as his development hasn't reached it's full capacity and it's not very high, in terms of intelligence.

Rod has however a good life. He has a job, a girlfriend and takes part in group activities. He has many friends.

One day Rod was attacked by a kid named Cosmos, cosmos beat him up and shouted retard, spakko, crazy kid and creep at him while he did it.

Police found Rod crying and shaking, rocking back and fourth. He wouldn't speak about anything that happened to him.

A psychatrist gives him a psychoanalysis, and diagnosises him as post traumatic stress disorder, now Rod has to take medication (SSRI's such as Paxil, Prozac, Zoloft..) to treat this mental illness he has now acquired.

The cause of his mental illness is supported by the Psychodynamic Model, a traumatic event has caused him much suffering.

As a result his brain isn't producing as much seretonin as it used to (the happy chemical) and he's feeling depressed, he's also experiancing flashbacks, terrifying vivid memories of the event where Cosmos attacked him, because he was disabled. (Biological Model)

Understand it abit better now? Im a psychology student, and im not trying to offend you or anything, but if anyone knows more about this subject out of me and you Cosmos, it's me.

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