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oh my god.

Past Meanings of Several Words

Dumb-Deaf and unable to talk
Fag-Pile of sticks
Retard-Slow;Unable to acquire substances
Douche-Cleaning Object

Short Past-Present Day Meanings

Retard-Someone with physical or Mental Disabilities
Douche-Vaginal Cleaning Object

Present-Future Meanings
Fag-Retard; Homosexual
Retard-Loser, someone who is in stupid
Douche-Retard; Vaginal Cleaning Object

the point is, that you shouldn't be banning the usage of words on any site: 1st Amendment, the right to free speech. If you break any amendment, you can be brought to court for being unconstitutional. Almost every word evolves from its original meaning and you see that here. Dont tell someone that he /she cant say Gay, because then they mean Fag, which then means Retard, which then means stupid. So, the phrase, "God your gay," can mean stupid, or homosexual. The overall point is, that every word can be offensive in some way or another, it's just something that you need to stop crying over and suck up. In ___ years, the usage for Gay as Homosexual might be totally extinct. Instead, Gay could transitively mean stupid. As of right now, the word Gay is used most commonly as Homosexual, and transitively as stupid.

I just think that people who are homosexual need to stop whining about people saying Gay, when not directing it towards them, and not meaning it in the homosexual meaning. That goes for every word. If someone called me Ugly, or any other name... take t like a man and suck it up. This goes for anybody, any religion, any race, and sexuality, anything.
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