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Cosmos i suggest you stop now!!!

You are digging yourself into a hole. Mental Illness is a psychatric term, im a psychology student, we have spent a great deal of time defining abnormality in lessons.

There are several different theories.

Biological Model, Cognitive Model, Learning Theory, Psychodynamic model.

This is from

"mental illness

n : any disease of the mind; the psychological state of someone who has emotional or behavioral problems serious enough to require psychiatric intervention

Firstly, it states a 'disease of the mind'. Read boognishs post.

A disease of the mind is something which you contract. No one knows the cause of mental illness, but a strong theory is a biochemical imbalance. A mentally retarded person was born retarded, and is disabled, not diseased or ill.

Someone who was born with no legs, is disabled, not ill. Anyone disabled can also have a mental illness, its actually quite likely they do, because it's very hard to live your life when you are chronically disabled.

Don't tell us we are full of shit. I can understand how you could get the two mixed up, but please. I know your wrong, as a fact. There really is no point debating this issue because you don't even know what mental illness is.

To be honest, you should know what mental illness is, seeing as your on a forum which is all about it!

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