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Originally Posted by MNHockey11 View Post
Look, i see that Alex, the sites Admin, who has much more power over me, disagrees with me. But, i dont think that is a reason for me to back down on my argument, because i dont think that that is a fair thing to have happen. so with that, in all do respect Alex and everyone else on this site, i am goingto stick with my opinion.
Nah, Alex (redcar) is a member too, so you can say anything you would to him, since this is a Debate. Just don't insult him - or rather anyone.

Originally Posted by MNHockey11 View Post
also, you haven't proven me wrong. Nobody has. Everyone has just said the exact same thing as everyone else...yes, i did that too, because i already explained everything that i needed to explain in order to get my point out. I actually did prove everyone else, except Hyper, and others, wrong
Originally Posted by bedroom eyes View Post
The whole point really is this - YOU ARENT STATING FACTS EITHER. You are NOT PROVING your argument at all, NONE OF THAT CRAP IS FACT.
Isn't the big thing here and the most interesting thing about this forum the fact that you can never prove someone wrong?

In all my days here at VT, staying up all night and constantly reading endless amounts of posts in this forum, I have not found one person who has had their opinion changed. We cannot have our opinion changed because this is what we believe in.

This is my take on your first post, only about me and written by me on me.
Bisexuality is a very interesting can't be bi and then call yourself gay. 'I'm being gay right now' doesn't work because you're bi. Sure, that might be the mood you're in, but you don't choose to be gay when you are bi.

Now, at a very early age, I was interested in boys more than I was girls. In fact, I never thought about girls. I was always thinking about boys, starting at them.
This was when I was in Kindergarden. Now I'm in 8th grade. I'm gay, and I can't just go ahead, get a girl, fuck her and call myself straight. "I'll just fuck her tonight and then I'll be gay tomorrow."

It's one, the other, or bisexual.
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