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Default Re: What is wrong with the world?

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Christianity has never been totally seperate from US government. We say "one nation, under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance. Our money says "In God we Trust." The Declaration of Independence references to God and God-given rights multiple times. In court, you swear on the Bible. And, to put the icing on the theocratic cake, many politicians and administrations of the government have been passing laws under religious belief.

The worst of it though is when people use Christianity as a club to beat down minorities and those who go against the flow. During the huge Communism scare in the 50's, people were bashing Communism because it wasn't "Christian." When racist whites were protesting Civil Rights and school integration, some made signs saying "Protect our Christian America". Apparently it was un-Godly to love and respect all races. Ugh, people make me sick. And now Christians are having a field day making sure homosexuals don't get married.

There's supposed to be a separation from church and state, but it's a very weak wall.

We say all of that because our forefathers, the founders the the country set those rituals as a tradition. The reason why we still do all of that is because it is a tradition and a remembrance to the people who started this country.
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