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Originally Posted by Jamz View Post
Would you fight in a war where people are getting bombed by seemingly civilians? Not all wars are bad of course(EX. WWII or the American Revolution), but many are. Who says they bandwagon? Maybe they just have similiar beliefs.

Do you even know all the aspects of the war? Or do you think war is cool cuz you can kill people and shoot guns... People are getting tortured to death every day, people are getting bombed then laying there with blown off limbs for long periods of time without help or medication, literally wanting to die.
Go read up on it if you havn't already its really sad how many people have died, Iraq and American alike.

the soldiers volunteered for the army. They knew the risks before they decided to join the Army. you can still have sympathy, but if you don't want to get hurt on the battlefield, then dont join the army. I realize that they want to serve their country, but dieing is a risk that thy surpass by joining the army. It's still sad that they died, but it was their choice to take that risk.

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