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Originally Posted by bedroom eyes View Post
Yes Jesus Christ was a real person, but he is also God's son.. He was NOT a sinner, he is the only one along with God who does not sin at all, they are perfect. He never had a wife and he didnt abuse anyone. And the Bible is NO WAY like wikipedia. The information in the Bible comes from prophets - people who God spoke to either by Angels, dreams, or visions, and told them what to write, they didnt just make stuff up.

You clearly, also, DO NOT understand Christianity, so PLEASE do not just sit here making up stuff about a religion you dont even practice.

WTF! I said that that was my opinion. And, i did practice Christianity until i became smart enough to see it's errors. The prophets could also write whatever they wanted. How the hell do you know that they didnt just say being Homosexual was bad just because they didnt like some guy that was?


but as the starter of the Forum, i demand that Jess, you are awarded one more message relating to this topic, and then the religion topic is done and we get back to the main debate.
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