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Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
Those questions shouldn't be answered about religion. It's off topic and will get this thread locked.

Hahaha you can't say something is fact because you believe it is in your opinion! How can it be factual if it's your opinion! You're making no sense!

Ill just use this example. I believe that Jesus Christ was a real person, but i believe that he was a very bad sinner and cheated on his wifes and abused his loved ones. One reason is because, back in that time in the Arabic culture, that was a very common thing to have happen, as males dominated the female species far more and females were treated as servants. There was not any evidence to show that he is a very kind hearted man. You may be thinking, 'The Bible'. But, the bible is just like Wikipedia, it was written by wisemen who just 'submitted' their ideas in it, so if some Joe-Shmoe down the sand path like males, and the wisemen thought that he was really annoying, they just made up that it was a sin to like males.
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