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By that argument you choose to be straight or bi, but ask 1,000 straight people and they will say they didn't choose. Also, to say that children are asexual is wrong. You don't need to know what something is to take part in it. Young children have been known to masturbate, even babies, not because they know they'll have an orgasm, they rarely do it enough, but because it feels good. You will likely answer that masturbation does not show if you're straight, gay, or bisexual, but it does show that they are not asexual. You cannot have thoughts like wanting to have sex with someone if you don't know what sex is, but, "feeling differently toward guys", as it has been described by many, is proof of attraction to the same sex. To support this for straight people, young boys and girls flirt. They say they don't like each other, and that they're gross, but when the boys run from the girls and tease them saying they have cooties, it's flirtatious behavior.

thats because they ARE straight, they have realized their sexuality. I did it too because i knew that i was straight as long as i can remember, which for me, is under only memories or 3 and 4 were like playing with my parents and siblings so that doesn't account for when i remembered being around friends.

Masturbating babies does not have to do with anything in this argument by the way, and most children masturbate because they are exploring themselves. When it feels good, they get addicted and do it more often. They don't look at it sexually because they don't know that you orgasm while having sex.

An example with me, i thought that humping was just a funny thing that dogs did until i was about 8...because thats when i saw Van Wilder (haha yeaaaaahhhh) and people humped in that movie and they were naked so thats when i found out that it was sexual.
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