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Actually, it is fact, because I've already proved it.

I said that my opinion was factual evidence, because in my opinion, it is. But, i never said that i proved anyone wrong. therefore, i don't need to prove my opinion as a fact because i didn't call anyone out on it telling them that they cant prove it. But, i

it doesn't matter if you weren't straight because the discussion is not if you choose to be straight, it is is you choose to be gay. God dammit.

And also, when i say that i believe, that is referencing towards an opinion. I'd like to ask you a few questions though:

1. What do you think God is?
2. Why do you believe in God?
3. How do you think God communicated with Jesus?
4. Why do you believe in Heaven and Hell?
5. If Jesus's tomb was found, would you not be Christian anymore? Because that's pretty contradictory to the whole religion.

These are not converting questions, these are just questions that you should ask yourself, and i know that i is off topic, but if you really are a Christian, then you will have no problem answering them.
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