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Default Re: Apocalypse 2012?

Originally Posted by -Breakdown25- View Post's sick.
Originally Posted by bedroom eyes View Post
That's sick...That is so sick.
Originally Posted by The Wanderer View Post
To be so flippant about such a disaterous situation is sick.
you guys must be agreeing with me and saying that it's Sick, as in Awesome!

but anyways, if you didn't get out of N.O. in time, it is your own had over a week to evacuate, AND even so, traffic problems were an issue, but it doesn't take a week to get across a highway.

AND it is your choice to live in New Orleans. if you are a child and forced to live their under parents law, then that is different...but, parents should take care of their children. Moving on, it is your choice to live in N.O. which means that it is your fault. Don't even try and tell me that its not, because, if you choose to do something, you are the only one who can be blamed for it, because it is your fault. If you disagree, then you have a lot of thinking to do before you should even be able to use a computer.
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