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A debate is won if one side is proven wrong, and since almost everyone agrees that he is wrong, he has lost the debate.
almost everyone thinks bush is a nazi...doesnt mean he is...for the record, he's not.

also, you haven't proven me wrong. Nobody has. Everyone has just said the exact same thing as everyone else...yes, i did that too, because i already explained everything that i needed to explain in order to get my point out. I actually did prove everyone else, except Hyper, and others, wrong:

I will repeat one of my main topics...

when you are too young to know what your sexuality is, you are asexual, as in, not gay, straight, or bi. This means that you AREN'T gay, sure, you aren't straight, but that doesn't matter in this argument. Anyways, when you go from not being gay one time in your past, to being gay another time, later in your life than that time, then you made the conscious decision to yourself that you WANT to be gay. It doesn't matter if you always felt 'different' your whole life, you still weren't gay. You were either Straight, Bi, or Asexual...but not Gay. Therefore, you made a choice to be Gay. It wasn't destiny, because that gets religious and i don't believe in that. I don't believe that an upper being choses what you will do in your life, i believe that you are the only person who decides that.


There you go.
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