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Originally Posted by Brody View Post
I'm leaving, thought i'd tell you all, though no one would really notice one person not posting..
It's basically because there are so many weak people here who think cutting and attempting suicide over the smallest things is the way to live life. There are so many people in the world who have it way worse than them, yet they think life is so miserable? People are starving in other countries and you don't see them cutting themselves, less people commit suicide in third world countries than in the greater countries.
I'm basically sick of talking to these people, knowing if I say the smallest thing they will pop.
Thank god! You are a wiseman Brody!

And what if he cuts? There is no understanding, it is weak to cut and I am sure you'l get far in life without the help of a forum

I'm tough, rough, ready and able
To pick myself up from under this table
Don't stick no sign on me, I got no label
I'm a little sick, unsure, unsound and unstable

But I'm fighting my way back
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