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Default Re: Scene: Sexually Assaulted and saved?!

If it was, as Jess said, a grope of my arse or something as minor then I wouldn't press charges. But if any clothes were removed and things were forced on me I would not stop pressing charges. No one deserves to be treated like a piece of meat.

Originally Posted by MNHockey11 View Post
Besides, i think girls should just suck it up if they are being sexually be honest.
How insensitive can you get? I have never heard anything so ridiculous. To say that a girl should just "suck it up" when being sexually harrassed is insensitive. No one deserves harrassment of any kind. To say this is almost like justifying it and saying "just get over it, who cares if you are scared to go back to work/home, just get over it"

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