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Originally Posted by bedroom eyes View Post
Dont you cut?
You should understand what it feels like and how it seems like it's the one thing that helps. Sure, there are worse off people, but we only know our own problems, and that is what we have to deal with. Frankly, Im glad you're leaving, it's obvious you didnt want to help - only make those of us who are suicidal and cutters feel even worse about how we feel and what we do. Have a nice life, Brody.
You said everything I wanted to say Jess. Could possibly have been worded in a less aggressive manner, but yea.

Brody, everyone has problems. It is not the severity of the experiences that always reflect the help/support someone needs. The strength of a person's support system is a greater indicator of their needs.

But, that said, come back when you next need help. Who cares about cutters or those of us who are suicidal, right? As long as you get help when you need it then evrything's fine.

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