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Default Internet cutting out, not comcast

Before I went upstairs around 8pm last night I checked my email on my desktop computer which is wired into the net. It worked without any problems.

About 30 minutes later I had to check something and got out my PDA. I could not get onto the internet and thought my brother was doing some setting changes at the time.

So I ended up signing onto a network in the neighborhood which is unlocked/unsecure, there's a bunch of them around our area actually lol

Anyways, I ended up getting on and finished up then went to bed.

Today I wake up and load up the desktop...I find the internet is with all our wireless computers and wired desktops.

We called comcast and found that our area had not gone down at all and our modem is fine.

So if our vonage which goes with the modem is work fine, (and it is) than our modem is not the problem but its something after it all.

I went and reset all the wired/wireless routers and waited for them to reboot. I followed up by restarting the computers. Our internet is still out.

Now its not really out all the time like I can get to some sites (if im lucky) like the google home page but when I click links in them they will either just not load up or will load half way and just cut out saying page could not be found.

So i'm not a computer wiz here and my brother who is is at class right now and has no idea.

I'm looking for some suggestions on what our problem could be and any easy solutions for fixing it would be great.


edit, never mind guys, my bro should be here in like 30 minutes. ill let you all know what the problem comes out to be later

edit 2:

Turns out my brother went into the settings for the router or something like that to see what was up and without him doing anything it just started working again....strange


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