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Originally Posted by Kiros View Post
Restart your computer, login as usual, then bring up a command prompt (start >> run >> type in "cmd" without quotes) and run it >> type in "shutdown -a" without quotes and press enter. See if it says that it aborted a shutdown - if so, very good!
That's assuming he's aware of the exact second it's going to reboot, and assuming it's a shutdown initiated by a program to Windows, and you're fast enough to abort it.

Question to the OP: There's no Little Square Dialog Box that comes up with a Big Red X in it that says something about some process has been terminated, or windows has been shutdown to prevent damage to your computer, and ticks off like 30-60 seconds and then forcefully reboots, right?

Does it go through a usual Shutdown/Logoff Screens when it Does this? Or, is it a Flat-out Hard reset, where it goes from the App you are in to a black screen and then the POST Screen?

You might also try looking through your Event Log (System & Application, which I believe is done by running "eventvwr.msc") and seeing if you can see a problem at the exact point it reboots.

Check the Exact time when it dies, and check those logs for the time it happened, and see if there's any noticable errors, and tell us what they might be.

- Bill
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