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Default Re: Apocalypse 2012?

We havent done that bad of damage to the environment.

1. Global Warming will not significantly affect anybody within the next 10 generations. The polar ice caps are kept frozen at 23 degrees Fahrenheit. This means, that they will not melt until the air temperature at the north and south poles rises on an even scale by 9 degrees. Do you have any idea how long this would take? The temperature over the last 500 years has risen by 1 degree. Granted, it will progress faster because there is more atmospheric destruction today, but the ice caps will never melt until the year 2700+.

2. All this stuff about Yellowstone Calderas, the Vernshots, Y2K...Y3K...(Y10K...seriously, thats some chronic shit dawg, we should be worrying about that instead) Astroid's (first off, i think it would be really cool if an astroid came in and hit and wiped out Paris or Rome or something, one, because that would be awesome history, two, because i'd be the first to see that crater) is just BS that emo kids make up to become popular.

3. The Earth will not receive mass destruction for thousands of years. Get over the fact that your not going to die until your 120. (i want to live until im 120+...)

Also, i dont know about you, but i think it would be super cool if New Orleans was eternally flooded in Katrina, and then in the new map census in 10 years, there wasnt a New Orleans on the map, like the whole bottom half of Louisiana was just a mini bay on the map...that would be fricken rad.

seriously, anybody else?

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