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Originally Posted by 0= View Post
To elaborate as Josh requested, we are all bisexual in the sense that we have some attraction to the same or opposite sex, no matter what. It might not even be conscious, but there's always that sexy dream you don't tell your friends about where you're in a situation that's contrary to your sexual orientation, or that erection when you were showering with guys; that nipple erection for girls. We don't necessarily choose to be aroused like this, but there is that bit of attraction, no matter what.

mmmmm no that's just you...and Josh

Originally Posted by Dante View Post
I am not saying hes an idiot because he thinks its a choice....but how he is presenting himself makes him look idiotic, with saying what hes saying is factual and that everyone else is wrong.

in my opinion, i do believe that everyone else is wrong. That's what an opinion is Dante. well, unless your really passive and you go with what other people tell you to do. But, i am not like that, i stand up for my opinions because i think about them thoroughly before i discuss them. And its your opinion that im presenting myself idiotically. So, if you tell me that my opinion is wrong, then so is yours

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