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Default Re: is this not good enough?

Ok... im not gonna lock this.
Although it wasnt worded in the best way to begin with, i think he explained himself better in his second post. It seems to be about his relationship with his girlfriend though, as opposed to be about girls puberty...

Anyway... for my suggestions...

So you think the only reason that your girlfriend didnt want to have sex with you is because you dont have a huge penis?
Have you talked to her?
Have you asked her if she was ready, or if there was some reason she couldnt, or...etc etc?
You dont have to answer all these questions on here, but you might want to think about them.
I think if your willing to be doing something like having sex with her, then you should definately be willing to talk to her about it.
I hope you manage to work things out

(And btw, the average adult male penis is between 5 and 6 inches.)
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