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Alex, at the beginning of the first post, i stated that i had nothing against homosexuality. I believe that it is perfectly fine and i don't understand why they aren't allowed the same rights as heterosexuals.

I am completely mature enough to make my own decisions, to debate o things that i believe in, and to participate in arguing against opinions i find faulty.

I honestly dont understand how no one has agreed with me over this. But, since no of you do, i guess i'll just have to win your support. When you are 3, (remember readers, 3 is just an example age of when you dont know your sexuality) you are asexual, as Jess stated. But, this means that you DO NOT LIKE MALES! As in, if you go from not liking males in a previous time of your life, to liking males in a later time in your life, then you chose to go against your thoughts on not liking males, and start liking them.

That's the whole convincing argument, how does everyone not see that?!

Also, Alex, i, myself, have seen a gay male use the line, "I was born this way, god made me this way and i cant help it!" personally used by a gay male in a conversation that i personally witnessed. Another referrence example for some to refer to can also be Davis on the Real World: Denver. He has used that line before on that show, so if you want, you can look at it on
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