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Alex I have had a gay friend.. And I am quite sure I know what it's like in the sense of being terrorized..

See the thing is some gays who say that they don't wan't to be gay but can't help it use the ,, I was born this way '' as an excuse, but the thing is that alot of ppl who are young and stupid belive that if they get some boner over a guy, that they are gay and imagine it to be so true that it becomes true because they start beliveing it.. Then also ppl who 'realize' that they like guys more than girls assume then, that they are naturally gay again they belive that they are gay because they like guys more than girls, but if you completly don't wan't to be gay, and you are attracted to guys more than girls you will not become gay because you don't wan't to, and if you still do then you just can't controll yourself

And about the animal comment.. Humans aren't animals why the heck should the entire population run after ''sexual pleasure'' just because 500 species out of an estimate of 5? million have some kind of gay behaivour doesn't mean that it is perfectly natural and that they born that way

What about the other 5 million?

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