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Your initial argument is pretty much wrong. And then you continued to argue blindly, not knowing anything about what it's like to be gay or bisexual. [I myself am bisexual]. Now you aren't making any sense at all and your arrogance is ticking me off.

I'm just repeating what everyone else is saying because you really need to understand this. Not everyone is born straight. Some are born bi and some are born gay. When you're 3, you can in fact be gay! The thing is, at three your hormones that bring out your sexuality aren't working yet, and you don't even know what sex is. Therefore, your sexuality remains dormant and is nothing you even know about or worry about.

Then when you get older and start puberty, your hormones start raging and you realize your sexuality. You don't turn gay, you just finally come to grips with the fact that you are. Therefore I repeat, YOU AREN'T NOT GAY WHEN YOU'RE 3!.

Only an idiot would choose to be gay, and think to themselves, "I feel like being discriminated against, hated, have sucky rights, and have my life threatened. I know, I'll become gay!"

I hope you come to understand this sooner or later so we won't have to keep on repeating this message!


And =0 please elaborate on your opinion. Not that I disagree, I just don't fully understand.

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