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Originally Posted by Lt.Col.Environment View Post
Experts agree that plants can in fact feel pain, which makes it wrong for them to be consumed. But don't despair, humans really needn't eat anything other than their young.

If every woman on the planet got pregnant right now, we would have 3 billion little bundles of fat and meat to feed the world. And two months later the whole process can be started anew.

"But Lt. Col. Environment, what will we eat before the babies are ready?"

Great question, Cindy. The mammalian digestive system is shockingly inefficient compared to other creatures'. So inefficient that we can recycle our urine and feces for months on end.

If we follow those two mind numbingly easy steps, absolutely no other species on the planet has to be inconvienced in any way whatsoever
If every women on the planet got pregnant, that would include my 3 year old niece, aswell as my 4 month old niece... Which is impossible....
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