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Default What is wrong with the world?

Nukes? Tanks? Bombers? WHY
The US has enough nukes to clear the entire surface of the world 6+ times.. WTF is the point? N. Korea was attempting to get nukes and still probably is... WHY?

The world is so fucked up today its crazy, I really wouldn't be surprised if the entire world was sent into a nuclear winter because sum1 launched nukes then sum1 else did and so forth...

The US is 9 trillion dollars in debt and is losing 1.69billion per day. All the gold in fort knox has been sold. We are under threat of terrorist attacks almost constantly. Our military has people in multiple other countries and we are really not accomplishing anything other then the death of OUR people.

Global warming is becoming a huge problem and our president isn't doing jack shit to prepare or stop it... The arguably most powerful country in the world is seemingly unaware of one of the greatest threats to our species...

We have racism still happening everyday in the US. People are being harrassed or killed because of race/sexual pref. The gov. is even in on it... banning homosexual people from getting married in 49 of the 50 states, but we have them fighting in the military and dieing...

Social Security is pretty much wishful thinking for my generation and all the generations to come. Aswell as most other benefits senior citizens get.. probably even well-fare and medicade

The rich are becoming very seperated from the rich/poor and the middle class are falling into the poor class... And again the gov. is doing NOTHING to stop it except raise min. wage which will not help because then the buisnesses will not be able to afford to pay for the "extra" people and thus all the disabled people will be out of a job, aswell as any other people that arn't absolutely needed. This will also make people wanting to start a new buisness think twice and possibly decide not to.

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