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Default What to eat??!!?

I'm going to go on a diet, I already play sports so exercise is taken care of, its just I have a few questions about what to eat...

Less portions or normal portions of the right food?
Like me n my mom get fast food a lot because she hates to cook.. but she is dead skinny and I'm not.. I think its because I eat more then she does. So I'm gonna start eating at home rather then fast food, and eat less. I know things like fries, chips, pop, fried chicken and other fried foods are bad for you so I'm gonna stay away from them.. I'm planning on a lot of salads with no dressing, PB n J sandwiches, ham sandwiches, and fruit. Once I lose a good 30 pounds I plan on just lifting weights and jogging a lot more, because it will probably be easier since I'll be carrying around 30 pounds less... NOW here is my question, are those foods good? Like exclusively those? Here they are again for those of you who don't want to look back..
-PB n J, Ham sandwiches, salads w/o dressing, fruit

Thanks for the help
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