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Default Re: How did you first find out you were gay or bi?

First of all, I'm 14 and a girl..
Second I'm new to this..
My story? I fell in love with this amazing person, my girl (even if she don't no it yet..). Well yeah it's wasn't all sexual thoughts .. Nah, I loved her.. This was about a year ago, I still love her. She is an amazing person!<3. When she found out I cut, she didn't think of me as a monster like other people who found out.. Know what she did? She held me for a hour strait!<3 I no I'm bi and come to accept that. But my parents DO NOT enjoy gay pride or anything they really go against it. I no she would have nothing to do with me if she found out. So I'm going to "come out" when I'm 18.. :/
Pm me if you need to talk..
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