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Default Re: Low confidence, in love?

Originally Posted by Underground_Network View Post
Just to let you know, two things before I give you advice. A) Why does everyone spell (non)existent wrong? Its spelled nonexistent, not nonexistant. B) And you can curse you don't have to type sh1t, you can type shit.

But anyway, don't let your friends demoralize you. They're not helping with your self-esteem. I'd say start talking to the girl. Take it slow, but don't stay friends for too long, or it might become permanent, and almost impossible to start a relationship. Don't be shunned by your friends. I doubt going out with her is going to make you lose them. If you want to, you two could even stay apart in school, but hang out outside of school, just be careful where you hang out. If you wanna test your friendship with your friends, and maybe take a stand, you could go out with this girl (or at least attempt to) and show affection in school. Start off as friends and take it slow. (BTW i'm in 8th grade too) Hope I helped!
You did, although it will still be hard... I'm gonna get laughed at pretty bad if I do, unless I use physical force to shut them up, which I hate to do...
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