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I thought that I might just be a hypochondriac for a while, but unless I'm mistaken hypochondriacs believe themselves to be sick. I usually know that I'm being irrational, but I just can't shake the fear of it. I also don't just worry about being sick anyway. When I was younger, I was always afraid of my family dying, so I would check on everyone---which frequently startled them if I accidentally woke them. For a few years, I was kept up by worrying about being hit by a tornado, even in the winter. As I already stated, I also obsessed about my sexuality.
Unless I'm wrong, that's how POCD works. One has random disturbing thought and then obsesses about it's accuracy, whether one is capable of acting out the thought, why one would have such a thought, and/or worry about the inevitability of acting on it. One also feels the need to perform physical checks, such as needing to see that the oven is off; or mental checks, such as making sure one is not attracted to males/females/children. I've also read that many people with POCD latch on to society's fears. Many straight people worry that they are homosexuals even when provided evidence to the contrary, others worry that they are pedophiles after watching criminal shows and the news, and others worry that they will act on violent urges after reading about domestic abuse.
If I am just a hypochondriac, my thinking that I have POCD could be a product of that. Thus the cycle of worrying and confusion continues.
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