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Default Re: Animal Abuse/Mistreatment and the Environment

Originally Posted by Underground_Network View Post
Over time (if we don't cause species such as monkeys, and other primates to go extinct), their mental capacities will probably increase, and they may even grow to be as smart as us. We can't assume that we will be the dominant species forever.
We can stumble over the what ifs and can bes all day, but in the end it all amounts to pure speculation and wishful thinking.
Originally Posted by Underground_Network View Post
We may be now, but the better we treat animals the better they treat us. An abused dog is more likely to lash out at humans, even if its a normally kind dog, and certain animals, once abused can be harmful, very harmful, such as elephants which have been known to go on rampages, killing anything in its way, whether it be human or not. We don't fully understand ourselves yet, and we don't fully understand animals yet.
Actions taking upon a single animal will not lead their entire species to do anything they normally would not do.
Originally Posted by Underground_Network View Post
If they want to test things, test them on humans, any human willing to do that would seem out of their mind, but they'd saving a life, possibly thousands of lives. And to make a point, if you're making a product that requires animal testing, you obviously are unsure if its safe or useful... and if you're not sure, what's the point? If you want to seriously prove your product works, prove that it works on humans, I don't care if mice have similar internal organ setups, I'd rather know that it works on a human that some lab rat.
Great, why don't you volunteer to be a human lab rat? We can give you cancer and try a number of various new ways to cure it. You will most likely die, but it is for a good cause.
Originally Posted by Underground_Network View Post
Also a new topic of discussion: What are your thoughts on recycling and reusing things? Do you do it, or do you not bother? (If you don't its more proof that you are helping that harm of animals!) Recycling is a must, if we don't recycle paper, deforestation we'll claim too many trees, destroying the habitats of many animals. Everything is linked. Every move we make effects someone, not just ourselves, if you chop a down a single tree, you've just damaged the beauty of an environmental system, possibly destroyed the habitat of numerous living beings. If you don't recycle paper, you could be considered a killer. See how easy it is to implement that you are contributing to the abuse and killing of animals. Not recycling claims the lives of too many animals. Just thought I'd bring that point up.
Recycling is great, I do it. It is saddening that the little old lady down the street is a serial killer though, I never thought someone like her could be so fucking evil.

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