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Originally Posted by Dante View Post
When you are that young you do not understand anything about sexuality, only when u grow older and you realize that ur attracted to the same sex, or opposite sex...Is when u begin to grasp it.

To say that Gay people just use the fact that theyre born gay as an excuse so they wont get teased, is absolutly ABSURD because guess what?? They tell people that and they still are discrimintaed against.

Noone chooses to be gay, Noone would choose to be discriminated against.

So with that little display of u turning "gay" for 3 seconds, just shows how much of a child you are.

Being gay isnt just saying that ur gay, its an actual attraction to the same sex
They don't choose to be discriminated against. People choose to discriminate towards them. And also, i had a sexual attraction over females for 3 seconds, which means that i turned gay for 3 seconds, and then i turned straight again because i sexually preferred females over males.

and yes, as you have already been convinced before, everyone who is gay chooses to be gay.

When Gay people get made fun of for being gay, they will usually come back by saying, "You cant make fun of me because i was born this way, God wanted me to be this way."

They say it so they dont get made fun of as badly Dante. How would this go over? "Wow, your gay? haha!""So what? It's my choice if i want to be gay."

They make the excuse so they cant get blamed for a decision that is usually considered wrong. If they didnt make the excuse, then people would be able to blame it soley on them.
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