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Originally Posted by redcar View Post
I am not asking you to back down on your argument, I am just taking part in this debate.

"You werent attracted to the same sex when you were 3."

Thats true, I also wasnt attracted to the opposite sex. Probably because I was a child and not being sexually mature means that I didn't have sexual feelings for anyone.

Seriously if you are going to debate me with homosexuality you will need to have some water tight points, call this my specialist subject, but so far your points you are making are terrible.

Alex, you just set me up for a finishing argument.

You said that you werent attracted to the same sex when you were 3. (you also said you werent attracted to the opposite sex when you were 3 too but that doesnt matter right now). This means that you were NOT gay when you were 3, as in you were not gay in a previous time of your life, then, when you became older, you chose to be gay because you liked males more than females.
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