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Originally Posted by KingCrimson View Post
Apart from a list of other problems with my shitty computer. Its always done it but really hasnt been a huge problem, well my computer sometimes just restarts on its own. its done since weve got it, and now I just installed Half Life 2 on my computer, and the 2nd Loading Screen it gets to after you start the game my computer just restarts, its done everytime i get to that point. Can anyone explain whats going on and how I can fix it, Really need it, I didn't get the game so I couldn't play it
Have you Reinstalled since you Got the computer? Maybe the Video driver is a little corrupted? Try Updating the Video Drivers. See what that does.

How many Watts is your Power Supply? What Model is Your Video card? It's possible that the computer's not getting enough power to Handle the load on the Graphics, and it's causing it to reboot.

Is it getting Blue Screens when this Happens? If so, right click on My Computer, hit Properties, go to the Advanced Tab, under "Startup and Recovery" hit "Settings" and make sure "Automatically Restart" after System Failure is unchecked. And, See what the Exact Error is on the Blue Screen (Usually in the form 0x0000000, or something similar).

Do you know under what other circumstances the computer will do this?

- Bill
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