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Look, i see that Alex, the sites Admin, who has much more power over me, disagrees with me. But, i dont think that is a reason for me to back down on my argument, because i dont think that that is a fair thing to have happen. so with that, in all do respect Alex and everyone else on this site, i am goingto stick with my opinion.

Some of you said that because you are Gay or Bi, you know what its like, and that is true, and you also stated something similar to this. "I havent been attracted to the opposite sex for as long as ive known. I have always been attracted to the same sex for as long as ive been attracted to any sex."

Yes, thats exactly it. You werent attracted to the same sex when you were 3, so that means, that by going from not attracted to the same sex, to being attracted to the same sex, you turned gay. as in, you made a choice to become gay, because you were choosing not to be gay before. I realize that you werent aware of what sexuality was when you were 3, but that does not matter. You still turned gay, because you were not gay earlier in your life.

Once again i state that i have nothing against people who are gay, and i do not prejudice towards them. But, i do carry a high state of concern when people who are homosexual deny that they didnt turn gay. Because clearly, with what ive stated, people who are gay DO turn gay.

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