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Default Re: Homosexuality?

Oh yes I have been wanting a nice debate like this... its been a while!!

Originally Posted by MNHockey11
almost every single gay person in the world will disagree with me
Would this not be a little hint that you may be wrong?!

Originally Posted by MNHockey11
See, i believe that people who are gay tell people that they were born gay. What this does, is reduces and/or prevents the usage of insults towards gay people, because then gay people just say, "you cant make fun of me because i cant help it! God made me this way and i cant change!"
Crap. I am gay and I have never once used that arguement when insulted about my sexuality. Never heard anyone else use it either.

Originally Posted by MNHockey11
So here's the question, were you gay when you are 2 years old?
Of course not. At 2 I didn't know what gay was... I didn't know a lot of things. But growing up I did know that I had feelings towards other boys.

Originally Posted by MNHockey11
I'm sick and tired of gay people telling everyone else that its not their fault that they are gay. It's just some lame excuse that people make up so they arent allowed to get made fun of.
Are you? So if I wasn't born gay, I chose it right? Hahahaha. Seriously do you know what gay is? Do you think I, or anyone for that matter, would choose it? Do some research.

Originally Posted by MNHockey11
Because i know that i could be gay right now, actually...i just turned im straight again! See, thats exactly how it works, i just turned gay for 3 seconds of my life and turned straight again.
Really do you know what gay is? Do you know what being straight is?

Aww this could have been a good debate but because you clearly know nothing about sexuality, its no fun.

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