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It doesnt matter if im not Gay. My debate is completely legitimate, and i don need to like men in order to feel how much "worse" everything in the world is when your Gay.

and 0=, you are right. When i was 2, i wouldn't consider myself straight. And also, when i was in 3rd grade, i didnt know how sex worked until they tough it to us in 4th grade. I didn know that humping was sexual, i just thought it was some thing that was supposed to be funny that dogs did.

But, as far back as i remember, i was straight (3-4 years old...memories that i have of being 3 are with my parents, but 4 is when i can definately remember liking girls). Now sure, you could say that i was gay when i was younger than 4, but you have no documentation of that and either do i. The reason why, is because my parents like every other parent, decided not to teach me about sexual feelings until an older age. I knew that girls were special by my own feelings when i was four, and i knew that i liked to be with them relationship wise more than a guy. I also knew that i didnt want to kiss a guy on the cheek, but that i wanted to kiss a girl on the cheek (basically as far as you got when you were that young)
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