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Default Low confidence, in love?

At my school... girl/guy interaction is almost nonexistant. The guys say it is because all the girls are ugly or w/e... I go along with it because hey? do I really want to be shunned?
BTW I'm in 8th grade
The thing is, I like and have liked one girl since like 4th grade, but like I said, they all think she is ugly and so it would be reallly hard to ask her out. Ontop of that, I have pretty low self-confidence which makes it extra hard to do anything that could possibly remove me from the "cool kids". ONTOP of that... I'm pretty sure she likes this other guy at another school, although that was only a rumor that I heard like a 5 months ago, so I dunno...

I don't know what to do... I talk to her on AIM sometimes but not much in school because of the seperation between guys/girls things. Should I just start out like getting to know her better as a friend then ask her on dates?

BTW I'm a pretty sensitive guy which is why my last girlfriend dumped me... her friends told me that she thought I was way dumb or something because I was so open and sh1t with my feelings... I treated her really well and it backfired, so what should I do if I do ask this girl out? (her name is megan)

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