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Default Re: ** Post ALL Masturbation Questions HERE **

Originally Posted by Ghetto H. McFabulous View Post
I think masturbation is wrong but i cant help it sometimes, should i try to stop, or embrace the fact i do it and do it anyway. Also, when i orgasm, the cum doesn't shoot out like other people, it just sort of oozes out. will it shoot out later? and lastly, i am uncircumcised, and i find that it takes longer when i have my skin pulled back, but feels better by just normally pumping. how can i make my experience last longer and better?

PS what is the best way to clean up afterwords?
the best way to clean it is to undergo circumcision. You will be shocked how much smegma accumulated inside your foreskin. Don't stop masturbating, its normal. Everytime you need it, just do it. Just pump harder so that it will shoot out,,
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