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Default Re: **** Censorship!

Look, heres what i say.

On albums and music-no censorship, because the artist wants to be known for his words and lyrics and opinions, so we shouldn't be censoring it. People associate swearing with being an ass, so if a musician wants to look like an ass, then thats what he wants and we shouldn't censor it.

On movies or television, i think a critic rating should be put on shows before their theme song. Like a "this media presentation has been Rated R" or something. I think that if you pay to see a movie, it should be exactly how the movie is made. Television is a sketchy subject, because its not monitored as well by a superior being than movies. How do you know your 5 year old isnt watching BET and learning how to say 'nigger'? A lot of times, people pin that on the parents or guardians fault, saying things like, "oh well they shouldnt leave their child home alone, or they should not buy cable television...blah blah blah" but i mean, come on, thats not fair to the parent or guardian. I do think that censoring Television should be illegal, because if BET wants to allow the word 'nigger' on one of their shows or songs or w/e, then they should know that they are taking the risk that a 5 year old might see the program. And with that risk, a parent or guardian should be able to sue networks if they think that there are errors in their televized programs.

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