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Lightbulb Homosexuality?

Homosexuality, what is it really?

let me start off with this by saying formally, "I am not against homosexuals in any way, and i am not homophobic. I respect their decisions and actions, as long as they respect mine."

almost every single gay person in the world will disagree with me on the next thing i am about to say, and if you are gay and you believe in this statement, please tell me, i'd love to be friends!

-YOU ARE NOT BORN GAY! See, i believe that people who are gay tell people that they were born gay. What this does, is reduces and/or prevents the usage of insults towards gay people, because then gay people just say, "you cant make fun of me because i cant help it! God made me this way and i cant change!"

So here's the question, were you gay when you are 2 years old? Did you go around and know and admit to at least yourself that you sexually preferred males? Now, many of you probably think im stupid and ignorant by asking that, but this is why my opinion on this whole situation is right...People say that you aren't Straight, Gay, or Bisexual until you get older and your hormones start developing. But, this still means that you turned gay when you were whatever age, lets just say 10 as a even answer. Thats the thing, its funny how people defend my argument by saying that you find out your gay when you're older, you just aren't when you're very young. But, even if you find out you are gay when your 10, you still WERENT gay when you were 5. This means, that by not being gay at one time in your life, to being gay at another, you turned gay. Nobody is born gay, everyone is born straight. But, at a time in your life, you decide that youd rather be sexually intimate with the same sex rather than the opposite sex.

I'm sick and tired of gay people telling everyone else that its not their fault that they are gay. It's just some lame excuse that people make up so they arent allowed to get made fun of.

What's my reasoning behind my belief? Because i know that i could be gay right now, actually...i just turned im straight again! See, thats exactly how it works, i just turned gay for 3 seconds of my life and turned straight again.

Almost every Bisexual person agrees with me on my argument, because every Bisexual person was Straight at one time, and then they decided that they like the same sex too, so they consider themselves Bisexual.

Also, i'm not religious at all, in fact, i'm athiest. That means that nothing to do with religion plays into this. I was once a Christian, because i was brought up Christian, but about 18 months ago, i realized how there are many untrue things about Christianity. So, if you want to bring religion into this then go ahead, but i dont think it is necessary.

Congratulations, whether you are Straight, Gay, or Bi, you have just been convinced or reassured that what i am saying is 100% true and common knowledge.
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