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Originally Posted by KingCrimson View Post
Apart from a list of other problems with my shitty computer. Its always done it but really hasnt been a huge problem, well my computer sometimes just restarts on its own. its done since weve got it, and now I just installed Half Life 2 on my computer, and the 2nd Loading Screen it gets to after you start the game my computer just restarts, its done everytime i get to that point. Can anyone explain whats going on and how I can fix it, Really need it, I didn't get the game so I couldn't play it
Hmm not sure, you may have a virus/spyware program thats messing with you. Try reformatting computer. Also make sure your computer meets Half Lifes minimum computer info... If it doesn't then you may need to spend some $$ and either update your current comp. or buy a new one.
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