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Default Apocalypse 2012?

I heard in 6th grade about how the self-destruction (supposed apocalypse) is supposed to occur in 2012. I thought it was a load of shit, and then my friend, who strangely is atheist, like me, told me that it infers this in the bible. He told me this a year ago, and I went to a bookstore a couple days ago, because we need at least one reading book, for this stupid reading period at my school. I found a book called Apocalypse 2012, and it talks about all these things, like people getting eaten by sharks (i.e. animals turning on us), and cities exploding. What are your thoughts on this supposed apocalypse? Do you think its real or a load of crap? (It sucks that Lt. Colonel Environment isn't here to state his opinion, I'd really like to hear it )

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