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Default Re: Safely removing hardware from USB

Originally Posted by Kiros View Post
I don't know if it would still be safe just because the device doesn't have moving parts. I remember that my friend's flash drive (2GB) had to be reformatted because we just pulled it out like we always did. It didn't have any (noticeable) activity on it while we were unplugging it, yet doing so corrupted it enough for it to not have a recognizable format
Well, I mean, it couldn't hurt to use the Safely remove, I was just saying that I've never seen a problem with it. It's more of an annoyance then anything for me. I have 4 different USB Flash drives (3 Now, one died due to me leaving it plugged in for like 3 months at a time, and going through the wash 2-3 times) that have been written to and unplugged countless times without using that, and haven't seen any problems.

As long as it's not in the process of Writing Data to the Drive, there's little chance of any corruption.

- Bill
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