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Default Problem: What to do?

Well, I have this problem with a girl I really like and I would just like some advice on what I should do.

Well I have been out with this girl numerous times but it has never really worked out. When we went out we were both a bit stand offish and it never really took off. Anyway, after she dumped her old boyfriend before the holidays finished she came onto me during a lesson and by that I mean sitting next to me, undoing my shoelaces, staring at me constantly and not being able to keep her hands off me. The thing is even though we havent been out for long in the past I have always had a thing for her and I think she has always had a thing for me. That night I texted her asked if she liked me and she said yes and I told her I liked her. During the period between now and then it has been a bit awkward at school, we havent communicated much and it hasnt helped with my friends being full on like stirring us up a lot. Today, she talked more with some other guys but I didn't talk to her hardly at all mainly because I was confused who she actually likes as she was 'friendly' with a few other guys although she has always been that way, she communicates more with guys she doesn't have feelings for more than friends rather than the ones she does. Anyway, I asked her out tonight, the answer was no and she said she likes me but she doesn't want to go out with anyone but might in the future. What should I do here?, confusion has stopped me a bit from communicating with her but she still likes me. I just want to hang around her more and talk more often but should I make a move on her or should we stay good friends?
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