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Default Re: Puberty Surveys

Your body:

Age: 18
Height: 5'10" / 178 cm
Shoe Size: 9
Build: Slim

Just fill out the answers
Body Hair:

Put an X between the brackets if you have hair in that area.

[x] Facial
[x] Armpits
[x] Chest
[] Stomache
[x] Pubic
[x] Butt
[x] Legs
[] Feet

Are you satisfied with the amount of hair you have?: Meh. Won't kill me.
Do you wish you had more or less?: A bit less would be nice.

Put an X between the hair that you shave or trim if you shave or trim at all.

[x] Facial
[x] Armpits
[x] Chest
[] Stomache
[x] Pubic
[] Butt
[] Legs

Why do you shave?: Because I don't like it there. Figured that would be obvious. o.O;


Length [erect or hard]: 7" - 7.25"
Girth (the circumfrence of your penis) [erect or hard]: 5.5"
Lenth [non-erect]: 3" - 4"
Girth [non-erect]: Unknown
Cut or Uncut: Cut
Do you wish you were/weren't?: I'm fine as I am.
Do you think it's proportional for you height? For your Age?: There's no real correlation between size and height, and considering I'm about fully grown and above average, I'd say not proportional to it, either.
What's the average in your mind?: Around 5.5", give or take.


Have you started puberty yet?: Yes.
At what age?: 10
In your opinion, did you start late or early?: Early
Have you ever had a wet dream?: Unfortunately.
Do you compare yourself to guys your same age?: Yes.
In what ways?: Verbally, showing either in person or over the internet.
Are you done with puberty?: Pretty much.


Do you masterbate?: Yes
How many times per day?: Normally once, can be up to seven or eight.
When did you start?: When I was 8. XD [we got porn when we didn't pay the satellite bill. I caught on quickly.]
What hand do you use?: Either one, or both. Mostly my left, though.
What do you think about whilst masterbating?: Guys, girls, and various things I'd like to do with them.
Where's the weirdest place you've masterbated?: In a tree. [Don't ask ._.]
Where's your normal place to masterbate?: Bedroom on bed or on computer chair.
Do you use any special technique?: Yes, the Korean Spine Cruncher. [in other words, not really.]
Do you use any lubrication?: Sometimes.
Have you ever been caught?: Almost.
Have you masturbated with friends?: Once in a while.
Seperated or together?: Together
Did you regret it or did you have fun?: 'Twas fun.
Are you felxible enough to suck your own penis?: Nope
If not, do you wish you could?: A little, yes.
Do you ejaculate?: Yes
If so how much?: Varies.
Spit or Dribble?: Shoot
If spit, how far?: Normally to my chest, but has gone over my head before.
How do you clean up?: Usually eat it, or else with a towel.
Did you ever taste it?: See above.
If so what was your reaction?: I like it, for some odd reason.

Sexual Orientation

Are you straight, gay, bi, or curious?: Bi
If straight, do you think Homosexuality is ok?:
What do you look for in a girlfriend/boyfriend?: At least reasonable intelligence and mental stability [i.e. won't break down at the slightest thing], otherwise, it depends on the person.
Have you ever had a relationship?: Yes
If so how long?: 6 months for the first, 8 for the second.
Did you ever cheat on this person?: No. If I was going to cheat on someone, I'd just break up with him.
- Did they find out?
--- How did they react?
----- Has this tought you a lesson?


Have you ever had sex?: Yes
If not, will you wait till marriage?
What do you look for in a partener?: Clean, sober, and single, assuming I'm not dating the person.
With a boy or girl?: Both.
what kind of sex was it?: Oral and penetrative.
Have you had any kind of sex with a friend of the same sex?: Wasn't technically a "friend" since I was dating him, but yes.
What kind?: Oral and anal
Were you protected?: Not the first time, but every time after.
Do you have any regrets what so ever?: Nope.
If you are straight, would you let a gay man suck your penis? Would you suck his?
If you are straight, would you have sex with a gay man? Would you let him do it to you?


Was this survey good?: Can't complain.
What can be added to it to make it better?: Fix some spelling issues. >_<;
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