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Default Re: Post your desktop screenshot!

Originally Posted by Underage_Thinker View Post
Looks like it has a slick gui. I want to get a linux distro, but i haven't got the space. I just ordered a new hard drive so hopefully ill get one then.
Yeah, I like it quite well. The only problem I had was Counter-Strike Source isn't supposed to work on Linux. That's the only game I ever play. Although, I messed with Wine and finally got it working reasonably Well. So, I guess that reason is out the door. It's not the most stable for the game, but Eh.

It does everything else I could ever want it to do. The only real issue I have right now with it, is the fact that it's [Linux] all OpenGL based. And, for some reason, since my X800 Video card overheated last year (Fan died, started smelling like burning) is that although the card still works fine, anything that puts too much of a demand AND is based on OpenGL makes the main Chip in my Video card put off this loud High pitched Squeeling noise. Kills your ears. But, most things I do don't make it do that. Direct3D things work fine, and so does anything else that doesn't use OpenGL.

It's quite odd, and when I get around to it, I'll get a new card. But, it's not a huge deal right now. It was just a faulty design on the Part of Powercolor (Who made my Card).

- Bill
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