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Default Re: How old were you when you got precum?

its not called pre-cum.

like Leper said, pre-cum is the stuff that comes out right before your going t cum, it does nto contain any semen and it is clear, but its used to exterminate any acids left from urine that would kill the sperm cells.

what your thinking about, is Seminal Fluid. im just getting it, i started getting tiny traces just at the exit of the urethra 2 months ago. now i get a little more, sometimes ill squirt only enough to cover the face of my fingertip...and then im like done for the day and maybe more.

can someone tell em how long it will be until i start seeing like a noticeable larger amount of semen? (judge by yourself, i know everyones different in puberty, but just tell how long it took you to get from my stage, to the stage where you got full semen ejection)

by the way, everyone gets Seminal Fluid. the only way they dont is if they could already produce Semen when they first jacked off.

hope that helps...but ANSWER MY QUESTION EVERYONE!
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