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Default Re: Safely removing hardware from USB

It depends on the Device. If you're using a Flash Drive or Other Flash Memory Device, there's usually no need to use the Safely Remove Hardware. I've never seen any problem with this.

HOWEVER if you're using a USB Hard Drive, or basically, anything that has moving parts, you should always use the Safely Remove Hardware. The HDD will have disks spinning, and if you just randomly unplug it, it could result in data corruption since it's not allowing it to safely spindown the device.

That's my rule of thumb. If it has moving parts, use the Safely remove Hardware thingy. If it doesn't, there's no need.

Never had a problem.

Anyone using Mac or Linux will want to tell the Device to Unmount/Eject, though, because as far as I'm aware, neither will write to the device until it's been told to unmount. At least, Flash drives don't with Linux by default. I've been told the same about OSx. So, if you don't tell it to unmount, you'll likely lose all information you've written to it since you plugged it in.

- Bill

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